Minako Arisato

I should not be allowed to roleplay crossovers or AUs they consume my soul.
Richard in the Persona 3 universe or really just a modern!Richard. I love his character so much whyyyy


I should not be allowed to roleplay crossovers or AUs they consume my soul.

Richard in the Persona 3 universe or really just a modern!Richard. I love his character so much whyyyy

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let’s do a thing. maiko or loli your pick.

i want something with both tbh. lmao

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id rp with you but my rp muse is drained atm asdfghj

s’okay, man. i know the feeling. lmao. 

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yep. it has been declared. i dare you mean. i double—no, triple dare you.


The gloves are off. 

The challenge has been issued.

We gonna actually do this. 

Moment of the century.

Megan and Minky doing fluri. 

Let’s see who cracks first. 

you’re talking to someone who can



and angst

all at the same time.

i think you’ve a run for your money, megan.


The Dark Hour | @crimsonxheadphones 


If this were a dream it only grew stranger as time passed.

The woman he’d come across was far from appearing helpless. With her bright eyes alert and a long, spear-like weapon in her hand, she seemed far more at ease in this peculiar place than he could hope to be. Did she live in this strange construct? It seemed so impossible to him, surely none could make a home of such a place… and yet he might have said the same of Fendel’s tundras, perhaps even of Strahta’s scorching sands. She seemed to be on a mission, held herself with purpose even as her gaze fixed upon him.


The second was fleeting and with return to whatever her purpose she suddenly began to speak. Richard turned his head, searching for the one she addressing but finding no others in their presence. It was a bit unsettling to say the least, but as much could be said for the entirety of this place. Was there another here that he could not see? Richard’s guard, for all that the woman reassured him, remained up, tension in his frame. All he desired was to see this place behind him. Was to escape this strange labyrinth and return to Barona before he was missed for too long.

So lost in his own thoughts it took a moment for him to realize the other’s words no longer directed at some non-specific entity, instead at he who was still staring at his soon to be rescuer.

“Yes, I’m alright,” Richard assured her. At the very least he did not carry any injuries, exhaustion on the other hand was a familiar friend, and one he did not feel merited mention. It was kept at bay by adrenaline alone, and by both the fear and confusion of being in a place completely unknown to him.

A hand takes his and starts puling him along, only travelling a few paces before he halts, jerks his hand enough to free it from her arm. He had met many people in his past that had faced him with a smile, all before putting a knife in his back.

“I appreciate your assistance,” Richard stated, eyes never leaving the one before him. “However, I will not blindly follow a stranger without so much as a word to their intentions. Where are we? What is this place?” So unlike anything he had ever seen that it was disorienting. Just as the more he watched the woman that had found him, the heavier the pit in his stomach, the stronger the suspicion grew that he was very far from his home. “Where is it you are taking me? And what do you intend to do with me?”


“Who are you?”

Wow. Usually people would immediately cling to her, most likely relieved to see a real live human being instead of the monsters roaming about in the tower. To be honest it slightly caught her by surprise to be met with suspicion instead, causing her blink several times before regaining enough composure to nod.

"Guess not, huh? Um… it doesn’t look like there are any Shadows around this area…" Even though Fuuka would have warned her regardless, she still surveyed the perimeter, just to be safe, then nodded for a second time. "Okay, but let’s do it while walking."

She let the tip of her naginata drag on the floor as she began to walk. Their footsteps echoed loudly in the daunting hallway. ”First off, this is Tartarus, a strange tower that can only be accessed during the Dark Hour. You… probably don’t know what that is, huh? The, uh, simplest explanation I can give you is that it’s an hour hidden between one day and the next. You’ll have to ask Mitsuru-senpai to elaborate.”

"I’m taking you downstairs. You wound up pretty high in this tower, you know? It’s pretty dangerous here, and the monsters get stronger the higher you get."

Minako cupped her chin as if in deep thought. ”Let’s see, the next question is…”

What do you intend to do with me?

"Right. The only thing we want to do to you is save you. We—well, I can kind of tell when someone gets lost in Tartarus, so… here we are.”

Not her, specifically. It was Theodore who would call her and pinpoint a rough estimation of where in the tower these people end up, so Minako could arrange a Tartarus exploration late that night. It was just easier to tell him this way. Besides, not even her friends knew the existence of the Velvet Room, despite its door sitting in plain sight which had been visible only to her.

"Lastly, my name is—"

"Minako-chan! Behind you!"

She froze at the sound of Fuuka’s voice and spun around, quickly dashing towards the man and pulling him back. There was a small, eagle-type Shadow that had sneaked its way towards them, most likely during the latter parts of their conversation. She swatted it away using the pole of her weapon and watched it tumble on the floor, looking surprised and rather angry.

And it brought friends.

(He looks really tired right now… I don’t think he’s in any condition to fight. Should we run? Do we even have that choice?)

Tongue clicking, Minako pulled the evoker out of its holster and pressed the muzzle onto her temple.

"I need your help… Orpheus!" She closed her eyes and pulled the trigger. The sound of shattering glass followed suit, along with a blue light that scattered about as though replacing the blood that should have spurted out her opposite temple. Emerging above her was a humanoid figure, long, flowing hair that burned like fire. It wore a scarf that hid all but its golden eyes and wielded a lyre on one hand.




Theodore had continued to contemplate the shrine visit; what it would mean, why it was that Minako wished to go; but, perhaps now that she had taught him how to properly wish at the shrine… he could make another. No, another would not be the right term; he would make the same wish… would that be too selfish for the Gods to grant? Perplexity crossed Theo’s expression as he tried to answer the question himself—if he wishes again, will the Gods be angry with his pleading? Omnipotent beings were truly something no one could understand without being acquainted to them. He supposed that was the same for humans, too, now that he considered it.

Nevertheless; with a shake of his head the thoughts were discarded and instead he walked to the center of the plaza—toward the fountain he had once incorrectly identified; a mistake that seemed so foolish now. It was an attraction not to interact with, but one to simply enjoy the view of—with that understanding, he could easily watch the water flow for hours. However, that was not what he was here for; even if this adventure was his request, there was more to it than simple sight-seeing. Turning to look at Minako, he took into account her words, chuckling at the pout she’d quickly expressed. However:


"… Ramen…?" Once more his expression turned curious; he recalled having eaten takoyaki with the girl on a previous excursion, but Ramen was once more a foreign concept. It seemed the things to learn about this world were infinite—.

If only there was more time.

He hummed quietly, contemplating the options; trying his hardest to decide on something more specific for Minako to work with in his request. In truth, he would not mind visiting all those old places once more, however that eagerness to learn had reared it’s head once more. "… Perhaps trying more of the delicacy in this world…" it was a mumble at first, "yes." he continued, decidedly to himself. "Master Minako, I implore we go and obtain some of this ‘ramen’, if you would not mind." he stated.

"After, we may relax at the shrine. Is that sufficient enough as my request?"

"Great!" she exclaimed, nodding. "You won’t be disappointed. Ramen is awesome!"

Now that they had a destination in mind, Minako deflated the puff in her cheeks and resumed walking, going past the fountain and slowly making her way towards the station. She could only trust the extra set of footsteps following after her own to know that Theodore was right behind her.

How it usually went when the two of them went out like this was with Minako watching from the sidelines while Theodore tried to quell his curiosity for the world around him. Seeing the wonder in his golden eyes and the corners of his lips that would turn upwards made her happy enough. Having witnessed his exaggerated reactions to simple things like escalators, takoyaki and the concept of shrine visits made her giggle to herself before going to sleep at night, filled with precious memories and a silent longing to see him again.

A longing that wasn’t fulfilled, until this day.

Minako pulled her head back, catching sight of a star-filled sky, then sighed. Tonight was her only chance to rid her heart of any doubts when it came to this man, her only chance until he distances himself from her once again.

"I wonder, Theo-kun…"

You don’t look too focused lately.

She knew because she had always been watching him, noting every change in his expression whenever she paid a visit to the Velvet Room. Honestly, part of why she even visited was to see how he was doing in the first place, not to fuse Personae or make them stronger, or make herself stronger, although in truth she would want nothing more than to gain enough power to protect everyone.

Even though there were no guarantees in the future, she at least wanted to guarantee theirs.

"… are you busy?" she paused, spinning on her heels to walk backwards. "Is that why you haven’t given any requests lately?"


The Dark Hour | @crimsonxheadphones 


Richard darted about the corner, arm grazing painfully against the wall and setting his balance to the test. Staying on both feet he did not spare a glance behind, boots clamouring against a curiously tiled floor with increasing pace as he darted up and down the peculiar halls. 


Somewhere behind him some strange creatures gave chase, a species the likes of which he had never crossed. With glowing red eyes and dark shapes he ha thought them some new breed of nova creature, but it was more than the monster that was peculiar. This place was reminiscent of a dream, some twisted labyrinth that had no exit and dwelled in the darkest of nightmares. He thought at least the monsters not too troublesome, but for some reason his artes were inaccessible to him; this place had no eleth, no useable eleth at the very least and with nought but his rapier the battles steadily wore upon him until leaden limbs told him not to engage any more of the creatures lest he risk his life. 

How had he come to be here? Even Richard was not wholly certain. He only recalled a journey through the catacombs, spotting an unfamiliar creature and before he knew it he was in these strange corridors, lost in a world entirely unknown to him.

With his own footsteps racing in pace with his heart, the monarch did not hear another about the corner ahead of him, was aware of little save his laboured breath and the proximity of his pursuant. On some level perhaps he assumed this a dream, did not truly expect to find another in it. 

Richard came up short when he rounded the corner, skirting to a stop before a woman about his own age, red hair and some manner of device about her neck he had not seen but there were wires. Was she some type of humanoid? He didn’t have the time to consider it. 

Silently cursing he spun on his heel, holding up the rapier defensively. Humanoid or stranger or whomever this person was, he would not allow them to be hurt by these creatures. 


"Be wary," he cautioned, grip tightening about his sword and trying to will away the traces of exhaustion. "There are monsters here." 

They had split up to cover more ground, Junpei taking the left side, Yukari the right, and Minako, forward. It was a grueling search, one that felt like it had lasted forever, considering the range of floors they’d had to cover was wider than usual. There was always a heartbeat that skipped whenever her phone rang before she went to sleep, especially if the call was from Theodore. It meant one out of two things: that they had some sort of mysterious happening and they want her to do something about it, or someone had wandered inside Tartarus.

Needless to say, a life to save was enough to sacrifice an hour’s rest and explore the torment that was Tartarus.

Bright red eyes blinked at the sound of a voice, shifting to meet gazes with a stranger and possibly blinding them with the glint of her naginata’s blade. It was a long, spear-like weapon, but the tip had been wider and designed to slice rather than to pierce, unlike the rapier this man seemed to wield. He had shoulder-length blond hair, and for a brief moment Minako found herself staring in awe at how beautiful and dignified he looked, despite the obvious fatigue marring his features. She lowered her weapon with a sigh of relief.

"No, it’s alright, I… —hold on—Fuuka-chan," she contacted Fuuka out loud, although from the man’s point of view it would look as though she was speaking to no one. "I found him."

Fuuka responded to her call, only heard in the shoreline of Minako’s mind. The instructions were to take him to the access point at the end of the hall and down the first floor. Fuuka promised to inform the others of the situation and advise them to return to the lobby at once.

Soon after the strange, private conversation, Minako turned to the man once more and smiled. “Sorry about that. Are you alright?”

It appeared that this person could walk around just fine in the Dark Hour; the way he carried himself told her he knew his way around that rapier, which was pretty cool. She’d only seen Mitsuru wield such a weapon with incredible precision and she wondered if this person was just as skilled.

"Don’t worry, you’re safe now. Just follow me." Minako gently took hold of his hands, checking for any serious injuries (which thankfully were none) and tugged him along the messy hallway. There were splotches of red puddles that came out of god knows where, and the checkered tiles only added to the dreary mix.

Still, she’s glad that they found this person safe and sound.


"did you have fun?""yeah.""do you like them?""yeah. i really do."

what if they met as the great seals and minato let hamuko try living his past life once


"did you have fun?"
"do you like them?"
"yeah. i really do."

what if they met as the great seals and minato let hamuko try living his past life once




" Now way! Nee-chan is a big fat liar!" Who’s to say she was telling the truth anyway since she learn that Minako can be sneaky if she wants to. Maiko kept on running without looking back once to see if she was still being follow. The rapid footsteps were enough to keep her motivated anyway.

"You can never catch me!" 

Minako paused mid-jog to put both hands on her hips and scrunch her face up in a pout. ”Who are you calling a liar? And who are you calling fat?!” For a moment she just stood there, thinking, watching as Maiko ran until she got struck with an epiphany.

"…I’ll treat you to Takoyaki?"




Theodore couldn’t help the smile that took over his fears; the future, what lied ahead, didn’t matter for the moment. Or at least, it was no longer in the forefront of his mind. He hadn’t thought enough about the request—spontaneous and instinctive—or where he wanted to go once she had accepted. But time alone; time in peace and solitude with the Velvet Room’s most treasured guest was alone enough to calm the storming emotions and contradictions that were welling in his heart.

Though her journey would end soon—regardless of the outcome—Theodore would remain in the Velvet Room. One day, a new guest would appear to take her place. He would have to show them the same respect, courtesy and pleasantness he had given to Minako. It was duty—and yet something about it made him… guilty. He didn’t quite understand it… didn’t comprehend the reason why something that was no more than duty was stirring such a… bad feeling.

He was certain, that once he came back tonight—Igor would again have a flurry of words regarding to that very duty he was disregarding in this moment. But… he didn’t mind. Because this really would be the last time, after all. There was no other chance—there would be no other chance. He took it, because there was no other option. He was already beyond redemption; despite Igor’s persistent warnings he’d crossed a line he would struggle to return from.

He’d taken upon him countless sins worthy of an ultimate punishment.

Upon reaching the outdoors once more, he turned back to a somewhat more serious expression—if only to uphold his pride—or at least, what remained of it—in the face of Minako and the few others that loitered just beyond the end of the alley. Theo halted beside Minako as she did so—allowing her the moment to check her phone whilst he listened to the bustling activity behind closed doors. Truly, the hum of people’s murmurs was more satisfying than the low hum of the Velvet Room—it’s source nothing more than the room itself.

This was a world worth cherishing; the more he learned about it the more he desired to keep it safe, even though it was not his own.


This wasn’t his world. He had to be sure to remember that—this wasn’t the place he belonged.


His attention was diverted from thoughts as he heard Minako’s request. "Well, I actually had no specific place in mind when I made that request." he admitted. "I simply wanted to visit this wonderful world again." he explained, “it is truly filled with magnificence, even the smallest thing has both meaning and life.” he closed his eyes and smiled. "I would be happy to simply follow your lead. Please, just lead the way."

That was unexpected.

Usually his requests were very specific. I’d like a drink that shares my sister’s name, or retrieve the fifth old document, or I’d like to visit Iwatodai Station, or something of the sort. Sometimes he’d even include a deadline and have her sweeping the city for a drink named Elizabeth or stay up late just to win a Jack Frost doll at the arcade. His requests ranged from being a piece of cake to being impossibly hard and all the while Minako would still have fun doing them, no matter how much of a hassle they seemed to be.

It was all worth it to see the look of wonder in his eyes and the huge grin on his face. She didn’t think people could be so happy with so small a gesture anymore. Of course, with Theodore, the little things in the human world were majestic, unknown mysteries that just had to be discovered, and that insatiable curiosity was what drew Minako to him in the first place.

Just like him, Minako possessed a curious soul. Most of the questions she had as a child had been answered upon her return to Port Island, but as she dug for answers, more mysteries came to the surface. Tartarus, Shadows, the Dark Hour, the ability she had that Igor labeled as the Wild Card. She knew little of the world around her, and at first it was frightening. Now that people stood by her side, working towards the same goal, she was’t so scared anymore.

So she could smile from the bottom of her heart.

Bonds are simply amazing.

It connected people from far away, those with different races, different beliefs, and… different worlds.

Everyone could belong in this world, so long as they stayed true to these bonds. That’s what she truly believes.


"Oh, come on," she huffed her cheeks in a pout, waving her arms around in emphasis. "No place you want to go? What about the jungle gym? Or the cafe? Aren’t you hungry? Don’t you want to get some ramen?"

"Are you fine with just spending the rest of the evening at the shrine? It’s been a while since we went out like this, you know."

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