Minako Arisato

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{ ☠ }— Pokes her cheek.


"Ahahaha, don’t scare me like that, Minato-kun."

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         {  }— Oh, if only she knew the sheer irony lacing that statement.

         Comfortable does he become, back arching slightly in what would be a lazy, yet dignified position; that of a professional slacker with little care for his horrendous posture. He would never admit that he enjoyed being near her, even if she was the one to speak for the entirety of their conversation. She knew that he took solace in his silence, and accommodated his needs. Perhaps that was enough reason for him to gravitate towards her, despite intuition practically yelling that he should stay away.

        ( Because at least then, he could protect himself from any harm. )

         Grey hues are cast downward, searching for his own cellular device to flip open and hold up for her crimson gaze to inspect. She should speak for herself, and he needn’t repeat her own words aloud for her to get the message. Or not, as she claimed. 


        "So you missed me, is what you’re trying to say."

When he holds his phone up for her to inspect, her eyes narrow at him. Was he always this cheeky?

Yes—is the answer to that question.

Still, him being wordlessly cheeky like this makes her happy for some reason, as if these strange little nuances prove he’s his own person. He acts too much like a faded ghost sometimes, almost making her wonder if the person named Minato Arisato only existed in a dream. If so, heaven can’t fault her for trying not to wake up. He feels too much like a part of her at this point.

He voices her feelings for her, and for a moment she is frozen in shock, the flush in her cheeks coming a beat late until she decides to—oh, admit it and just not care anymore.

"That’s right, I did! I need my partner with me, okay? Huff!" The meaning of that huff is lost to even her, though it felt right to place it at the end of her sentence like that, like some sort of weird punctuation mark. "Be nice if you said you missed me, too…" she trails off.



         {  }— A cant of his head is offered, azure locks managing to obscure his view of her valiant efforts to instill anything other than indifference into his being, with very little success on her behalf. It wasn’t her fault, naturally — just as she was full of emotion so openly displayed for the world to see, he was equally reserved and aloof. Still, it was amusing, watching her try.


        ‘Boss’? An odd title, but one that he accepts, not bothering to point out that there might be a flaw in her logic. Whatever, the hot cocoa would no longer be hot if he continued to mull over trivial matters.

        "— -You did well, Cadet." So serious was his tone, one might believe he’d taken on his newly bestowed role.

It still surprises her whenever he goes along with one of her silly antics, like role-playing a cadet and a ‘boss’ with her, something you wouldn’t expect from a person who rarely speaks his mind. “Hehe, thanks!”

Minako points to the living room. ”My own mug’s on the table. And I turned the TV on.” She’s not exactly sure what’s on the television right now, given that she stood up the moment she heard footsteps descending the stairs. Hopefully, it’s something interesting. Today seems like a good day to laze around with an expert.

Expert, aka Minato.

"Watch with me?"




         {  }— A sight to behold, perhaps, but it was not uncommon for the male to come off as uncommunicative, without the fatigue to add to his affliction, of course. His polar opposite to a fault; he couldn’t help but to take note of just how much they had not in common at all, but those were thoughts for another time. Presently, she held an offering in her hands, and never was he one to turn down a gift for his infinitely demanding stomach.

         ” — -Marshmallows?” Obviously, he had his priorities in order.

A swift salute was what she gave in response to the question, straightening herself to give off a military vibe—although she failed to see if it worked to her advantage. She didn’t get much of a reaction out of him in the first place.

"Already in there, boss." Oh, wait. You didn’t call your military officer ‘boss.’ Wasn’t it captain or lieutenant or… something?

Clearly, she thought about the most important things, too.



           {  }— Standing quite motionless, contemplative for but a brief moment, he finally decides to lift a slender hand slowly but surely into the air, returning the gesture effectively but with less finesse than the female Fool. It is strange, how she who shares his Fate can greet the world with a teeth bearing grin and boundless optimism, drawing even him closer to the wooden bench on which she sits so pleasantly. He knew an invitation when he saw one, and she wouldn’t acknowledge him if she had better things to do, no?

          He answers his own inquiry by claiming the empty spot as his own, digits retreating into trouser pockets — a place of comfort for someone so reserved. Low enough are his ever constant melodies so that he might hear her, but not before parting thin lips to speak first, a subtle indication that he harbored interest in their meeting.


           "Hey." Not the most verbose of utterances, but it would do.

"Minato-kun lives!"

Of course, she’s more than happy that he chose to saunter over, even with that neutral of an expression he liked to wear so much. How long has it been since she felt his presence near her, or how his obvious blue hair occupied a small part of her peripheral vision when they spent the day in comfortable silence? Too long, in her opinion.

"Look at my phone," she flips the pink device open, revealing the glare of an empty LED screen. —Well, empty save for the time, which was exactly six-fifteen p.m. "No messages from you, no calls, nothing."

Her voice is far from scolding, although faint traces of concern can be found if you searched hard enough. His existence is so obscure, even right from the very start. It feels as if he can disappear any moment. She needs to know he’s all right, every now and then.

"I was beginning to think you forgot about me."




           {  }— He would hiss vehemently at the sun if he harbored the willpower to do so, and slink back into his room, but he’d already come too far. All dressed and ready for the day, regardless of his own wishes. Not a word as he registers her sarcasm, blinking thrice at her.

           He never did understand morning people.

It was a little funny, seeing him like this. Most of the residents in this dormitory hated mornings, so her kind was rare. Still, she’d prefer this to feeling sluggish every time the sun came up. Maybe she had been one of the lucky ones…

"Well, um," she cradled the blue mug in her hands. "I made cocoa?"




He gave a firm nod, a smile starting to form as his blush receded. “That’s be fine, maybe we could swing by Wakatsu and get something from there to bring to the shrine as well.” Just cake wasn’t exactly healthy, and regardless of what was to come, he’d make sure that Minako was taking care of herself. “Temperature isn’t really an issue for me, but being alone is more than ok.” It gave him time to think and collect himself, though if it was a cooler night, perhaps he should slip on a shirt beneath his turtleneck before they headed out. Damnable condition.

"You’re that hungry, huh?" Cake was more than enough for her, considering her love for sweet things. Shinjiro, however, required a more balanced diet, and he required it of everyone. That kindness of his always managed to make her smile. "Hehe, if you’re fine with just this. It’s so simple, but really special! I mean, spending time with you is always fun, so it kinda feels like my birthday, too."

She ambled towards the kitchen, retrieving the cake from the refrigerator before emerging out of it with a giggle.

"Do you know when mine is, senpai?"


The Dark Hour | @crimsonxheadphones 


This entire place was so very strange. From the composition of the halls to the one supposedly rescuing him, nothing here was in the least bit familiar. Perhaps the most peculiar thing was that it was the existence of monsters that Richard was most accustomed to, though even they a species he not aware of, seemed near invulnerable to his rapier.

Shadows? Was that what these creatures were called? While still not entirely certain he able to trust the one he walked alongside, Richard followed behind her, holding his guard and quietly filing away what information she offered. So much of it made no sense to him, terms he had no definition for, explanations that required explanations in their own right. Just where was he?


This place was some manner of tower, one called Tartarus; that much he was able to gather. But a Dark Hour? A tower that was inaccessible save for this hidden time? How could time be hidden at all? It was a lot to try and take in, but if nothing else Richard had to try and understand. Perhaps the most fearful question was, when he escaped this tower, would he find himself back upon Ephinea? The monarch was slowly starting to suspect that he wouldn’t. This woman’s clothes, all these foreign terms that were spoken so plainly… she was not from Ephinea was she? Then in that case… where was this tower she called Tartarus?

Richard still did not know to what lengths he trusted her, however, when she froze his guard equally rose and the realization that an enemy had snuck upon them struck him far too late. Tis strange new creatures were stealthier than those he was accustomed to, he was normally much more aware of impending danger.

The other, however, was more than prepared and in a single swift motion he was jerked from harm’s way, her blade connecting cleanly in a motion she had clearly exercised in the past. Grip tightening about the hilt of his blade, the foreign monarch had no intention of simply allowing another to protect him while he stood watching. Too many people had suffered because of him in his nineteen years of life, and stranger or not, he would not let this woman become one of them. No matter how strange everything about him was, this single truth remained affirmed in his mind.

There was one thing Richard recognized; the second weapon that she drew. It was not quite the same, but it’s shape and design was similar enough to Hubert’s weapons for him to imagine them some kind of projectile. Yet when it rose, it pointed not at her foes and Richard barely had the time to step forward to stop her before the trigger was pulled.


A shot fired, shattered, and Richard’s heart stopped.

But the result was not what he expected, engulfed instead in a bright light that blinded him a moment. When he blinked his eyes open he could only stand a moment in shock, mouth agape at the third figure that stood amongst the previous two. “W-What…” the word escaped on breath the monarch had not been drawing since the shot fired.

Just what kind of world was this?

Yeah, that must have been quite a shock. Well, it’s not like she had any other choice. The Dark Hour was about to end so she barely had enough time to explain what she was going to do.

Minako let Orpheus fight for a while, letting him follow mental orders to cast Agi or bash them with her lyre, giving them the opening they needed to escape. ”Sorry, but my priority is to get you to the first floor where it’s safe, sir! There’s no time to explain, so let’s run!” She took the lead and bolted, shoving the evoker back into its holster so she could hold the naginata more properly.


"Ah—" In the midst of running in tension and silence, she almost forgot something. "My name’s Minako, by the way. Minako Arisato," she said between hurried breaths, thinking he might trust her a little bit more if he knew her name. The parting upturn of her lips revealed her pearly whites, and presented him with a genuine, apologetic smile. "I really am sorry that you have to go through this, but we’re almost there!"

Pain throbbed abruptly into her head, causing her to wince and stop running for but a brief moment. Any unexplained infliction meant that her Persona itself was enduring pain, and sure enough upon looking back, she saw Orpheus being buried under a pile of attacking Shadows—at least, until its form shattered into tiny crystals which meant she had to summon her again.

Her psyche was slowly draining, however. She had barreled through countless opponents in the last three floors including this one, yet that didn’t stop her from pressing the mouth of her evoker to her temple and pulling the trigger again. This time around it was Jack Frost who had heeded her summons, cackling as he emerged from the blue light and bore a mischievous grin. That should hold them off for a while


A flicker of green light stole her vision. It was the access point! “There! Hurry!”



           {  }— An exhale of breath as if to declare that he is finally awake, followed by a weary expression that states his bed is already sorely missed.


Someone’s looking cheerful,” she says, voice oozing with sarcasm. It’s such a beautiful morning, too.




He actually had to try and think now, ignoring his frustration from before and the heated blush still on his face. “We could see a movie, or go get dinner somewhere.” Preferably he’d cook the crimson eyed girl something, but if he started cooking, the whole dorm would know before long. “Let’s… Just spend some time alone together alright?”

"You got it." Minako was more embarrassed at the fact that he wanted to spend time with just her, rather than the words that seemed to turn her senpai upside-down just a while ago. Still, she didn’t exactly hate it. "Let’s go to the shrine. I made cake, but maybe we can eat it there, where it’s cool and quiet. That’s what you like, isn’t it?"


didn’t mom tell you?art by: (x) (x)


didn’t mom tell you?

art by: (x) (x)



Be careful! - Ken's edition

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"WHAT?! No! Don’t go telling anyone about this! J-Just say you’re busy or something those days. Idiot…" She was going to give him a heart attack at this rate. He took a firm hold of her shoulder to keep her from running off.

"Ah—" Her breath hitched at the sudden hold on her shoulder, eyes widening before settling on Shinjiro. "Okay…?"

A slight pause. “Then, what do you want to do today, senpai? It’s your birthday, so aside from the weekends, this counts, too.”